Clean & Calm Cucumber Soothing Toner

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Clean & Calm Cucumber Soothing Toner

* Mild Exfoliant & Soothing & Calming
* pH Level 5.5 ~ 6.0
* 96% Natural & Alcohol Free & Organic Ingredients

The old cliché of putting cucumber slices over your face never cannot be ignored in skin care industry as there are so many benefits of the cucumber. 

Cucumber first of all is a natural substance to attract moisture so it helps to hydrate skin and keep it supple. Also using a cucumber toner can be the safe and effective way in preventing acne breakouts by controlling excess oil and deterring the growth of bacteria on your skin. 

It is also great ingredient to sooth our damaged skin from excessive heat or sun as it is full of natural flavonoids, tannins and potent antioxidants that help to combat the cell damage.

Apotheraphy’s Clean & Calm Cucumber Soothing Toner is made of pure cucumber hydrosol, low portion of BHA(Salic Acid), honey extract and sea kelp extract to deliver the amazing benefits of cucumber and to clear blackheads, whitehead and skin impurities effectively. The level of BHA in this toner is quite low so it is very mild exfoliant that can be used ‘every day’. BHA will remove dead skin cells and help clear clogged pores and blackheads. 


Cucumber Hydrosol (100% Pure)
Sea Kelp Extract
Honey Extract
Distilled Water
Salicylic Acid (BHA 1%)
Vegetable Glycerin
Liquid Germall Plus
Triethanolamine (pH level adjustment)

Helps to keep your skin at the right pH level (5.5~6.0)
Treating Sunburn & Fade Scars and Blemishes.
Helps to prevent acne breakouts
Helps to prevent wrinkles
Hydration & Moisturizing
Lighten skin tone
Help to reduce blemishes and freckles


After wash, dry your face, apply toner into clean cotton pad or cotton ball.
Gently wipe it around your face from T-zone outward.
Be sure you start off small amount of toner and add more if desired.
If you store it in the fridge or cosmetic fridge, It will stay more 'fresh' longer and give you 'cooling effect' helping pores shrunk.


Apotheraphy’s products are made with natural & organic ingredients. So, shelve life of products might be comparably shorter than factory produced product. Please use our product within 6 month and store in cooler place.

Apotheraphy’s products contain natural ingredients which are nuts, seeds, herbal plants, or fruits-based enzyme. If you have any allergies from certain ingredient, please read the product label and ingredients carefully.

Please perform a patch test first to ensure there is no allergies reaction. 

In the case of pregnancy, nursing, illness or if taking medications, please consult with your health care professional.

*External use only*