Lava Pumice Scrub Stone
Lava Pumice Scrub Stone
Lava Pumice Scrub Stone

Lava Pumice Scrub Stone

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Basalt Exfoliating Pumice Stone

: Plucked straight from the earth!
If you’re embarrassed with your rough and dry feet, use this pumice stone to exfoliate away calluses, stains, and cracked heels and reveal soft, healthy, glowing skin
How to Use
  1. Soak your feet : Pumice stone will work the best when your feet are wet. Bring your stone into shower with you and do a 10mins foot soak.
  2. Exfoliate : when you feet are ready to be cleaned, use stone and gently scrub on your problem area. To avoid injury from rough facade of stone, scrub not too fast and layer by layer. Recommend to exfoliate with stone over several session if it’s been awhile you cared your feet.
  3. Finish : After exfoliating, dry your feet and apply moisturizer. 
How to Care
  1. After using the stone, rinse off and dry until next time you plan to use it
  1. Do not Scrub too hard 
  2. Do not use on the area where got broken, sores or blisters.