Auto Vent Car Diffuser

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WooMood Car Air Freshener (Ornament Diffuser).

Size: 5 ml
Clip on Square With reed Shape.

Car Air Freshener (Ornament Diffuser).

Handmade in California.

Reed Type: Ball Stick, Ball & Flower Stick.

This is for Car Air Freshener,Diffuser,Perfume
Also Perfect Car Interior item.

1. Open the wooden cap and remove the inner plastic stopper.

2. Insert 2 Wooden stick into the wooden cap.

3. Screw the wooden cap(Do not screw to tight).

4. Wait until the cap is soaked and then Clip on to the auto vent.

5. Clip the diffuser on to air vent with 90 degree angle.

*We are not responsible for any damages that may occur.

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