Herbal Bath Soak Salt

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Herbal Bath Soak Salt

Dead sea salt + Herbal Flowers (Lavender, Chamomile and Rose) 

Great amount of 100% Pure Dead Sea Salt and  for healthy skin!

What and where is Dead Sea?

Dead Sea (Also called “Salt Lake”) is located in between Jordan and Israel in southwestern Asia. This area has been well known for its high saline content which allows swimmers to float on the surface of the water and also known as a magical spot for skin care because of richness in minerals including magnesium, sodium, calcium, potassium, chloride, and bromine. In the history, Cleopatra, who was the most eager to keep her beauty, regularly enjoyed Dead Sea mud mask to maintain her beauty and even after many thousands of years, Dead Sea Mud and Salt are still appreciated for its benefits and effects.

Benefits of Dead Sea Mud Mask 

Dead Sea mud contains many minerals that improve the condition of skin and the minerals have all different functions in maintaining skin naturally healthy and clean. Apotheraphy’s Dead Sea mud is specially blended with Organic chamomile extract for the best soothing and detoxifying 🕊

    - Sodium for Anti-aging

    - Magnesium boosts Antioxidant production 
      (Good for aging skin)

    - Calcium helps regeneration of skin cell 
       from wounds and prevents infections

    - Bromine boosts skin repair functions and is    
       natural antibiotic

    - Silicate makes skin soft and clean

What our dead sea bath salt do

 · Purifying & detoxifying impurities
 · Relieving muscle tension
 · Stimulate blood circulation
 · Help skin disorder
 (psoriasis, dermatitis, eczema, acne)
 · Rehydrate skin
 · Balance skin’s natural ph level

What lavender do 

 · promote 
   - cognitive functions, tranquility, peace
 · help
   - anxiety, depression, irritability, stress

How to use

1. make a tea
   1.1 put salt and lavender seed to a pouch 
   1.2 brew salt and lavender in a glass bowl filled 
        with very hot water(around 190 degree)
   1.3 wait for 15minuts and pour into your bath tub

2. directly floating
   2.1 put salt and lavender seed into a pouch
   2.2 put a pouch into hot bath tub
   2.3 enjoy a bath soak!