Incense Stick(20 Sticks) & Holder

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Woomood 11 Inches Long Incense Stick(20 Sticks) & Holder.

Organic Incense Stick.

Holder is Lava Stone which means you can put stick any hole.

20 Sticks in one pack.

You can choose the scent from the list.

Burning Time:50 min- 60 min.

They are made from the highest-quality essential oils to eliminate odors naturally and to keep your home smelling fresh. They are patented clean-air technology that destroys odor-causing molecules with all-natural ingredients. This makes these incense sticks a safe, eco-friendly air freshener to use around pets, children and adults.

When used in the kitchen, these incense sticks can help eradicate lingering cooking odors from fish, bacon, cabbage and more. They are hand-dipped and rolled on natural bamboo sticks.

How To Use:

With a lighter or match, light the tip of the incense stick. Once the incense has been ignited, gently extinguish the flame by blowing it out. A soft glow can be seen and smoke will begin to emanate as the incense stick burns. Place lit incense in a nonflammable burner or incense tray - and never leave burning incense unattended. Sticks are approximately 11 inches long and will burn for 30 to 60 minutes, depending on the air flow in the area.

Enjoy and Fresh your Bad Smell Area with Our Incense Stick.